Interviews, Media and Others

Brightest Achievement Award received by Principle Investigator (PI) Chun-I FAN. A moment with PI, co-PIs and MS./PhD scholars

2023 FutureTech (FUTEX)

 2023亮點技術影片 : YouTube Link 

20th National Innovation Award (第二十屆國家新創獎), Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy, Tawain

Postdoctoral Researcher Academic Research Award from MOST, Taiwan

NSYSU NEWS on cybersecurity scope in Taiwan

INVITED TALK at IIIT Kalyani, West Bengal, India

INVITED TALK at 2023 Global Summit on Power and Energy Engineering, Italy

Chaired Session 8A at the  International Conference on Security and Cryptology, 2013.

INVITED TALK at CCU, Chiayi, Taiwan